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Higuita – The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick (Malayalam)

‘Higuita – The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick’ is the dramatization of the famous story ‘HIGUITA’ by the acclaimed writer Sri. N.S Madhavan. Before tucking himself into the vestment, Geevarghese was interested in playing ‘Sevens’ matches in those barren farmlands where the goal posts were made out of palm wood. Once his father, who was the school PT Master, told him: ‘Son, Football is my religion. Sevens is its Antichrist’.

Yet Geevarghese did not stop his game till his father died the next year. Father’s death made Geevarghese enter into the world of Priesthood. He, now, is a Vicar of a Church somewhere in southern Delhi. He is Father Geevarghese now. From a small ground nearby his church, a small kid shoots a ball towards the church. Geevarghese gets hold of the ball and later to his childhood memories. He hears the chants from the crowd when he runs with the ball in his school ground. Lucy Marandi reached the suburbs of Delhi along with other tribal girls through Jabbar, an intermediary who made business by selling chicken and clothes from the aborigines to the city markets. Lucy was scared of Jabbar as she told Fr. Geevarghese that Jabbar is imposing his grips on her to do things against her wish.

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