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KARUPPU (Non-Verbal)

Karuppu is a dance-drama representation of the movement of the ultimate Purusha and Prakriti energies through the birth, destruction and rebirth of the universe. It is a theatrical experience of the separation of Purusha from Prakriti that destroys the universe; however the destruction is not permanent, as nothing is. Only in the powerful destruction of the world and all its constituent materials and forms by Karuppu (Dark) energy is the reunion of Consciousness and Nature possible giving rebirth to all of existence. In this dance theatre performance we make and break the bonds that unite Purusha (the man) and Prakriti (the woman) through mythical characters including Iphigenie, Ophelia, Clytemnestre, Medea and Kali.

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22-01-2019: 5:00 PM


KTM Regional Theatre


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