Bitter Nectar (Sri Lanka)

This creation takes the viewer to a reality that is beyond reminiscence. It attempts to bring forth the realistic status of a community that was brought down by foreigners about 190 years ago from India. Even today these people are homeless, stateless and live without any appreciable rights. They were deceived to leave their homesteads in India with false promises of massive earnings. Boat loads of people drowned in sea due to overloading. Survievers had to face untold hardships, sicknesses, lack of food and harassment from contracters. During the long walk from Mannar to Matale through dense forests suffering from epidemics, family breakdowns, wild beasts attacks and death. (The stage reverberates with the powerful dialogues and performances). Today, the 10th generation, is still deceived by Company owners, administrates, politicians and lives under oppressed conditions without any ownership to possessions or basic human rights.

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5:00 PM


KTM Regional Theatre


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