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Nona (Malayalam)


Nona’, the socio-political satirical play, is a collective venture of a bunch of non-professional performers and is an ideal rural drama. It is scripted, designed, and directed by Jino Joseph who has also scripted, designed and directed the Malayalam play Matthi which bagged most of the awards – for best production, best director, and best script and for best actor (male) of the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards (META) 2015. Jino Joseph has also won The Kerala Sahitya Academy award for best drama in 2015 for Matthi. The play Nona has bagged four awards- for best production, best director, best stage design and best light design of the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards (META) 2018.

The drama, Nona, encircles the lives of Govindan, his family, and neighbors. Prasanth, Govindan’s son, sketches the map of India on their courtyard in connection with the filming of an advertisement. At first, it’s a thing of curiosity, but later it turns out to be a matter of uncertainty. But later, Prasanth sheds his mask and reveals his true intentions. His friends, who have labored to sketch the map of India on his courtyard, returns unsettled, and Prasanth sets boundaries for everyone. Govindan’s courtyard, which used to be the arena of rustic games for the kids and a gossip corner for the ladies, gradually shrinks and loses its dynamism. As part of the filming of the advertisement, Prasanth fabricates lies and compels the villagers to lie about the progress of the country. For his egoistic ambitions, he is willing even to kill his own father who is apprehensive of Prasanth’s cunning strategies and is against his crooked designs. The play ends with the rejoicing dance of the villagers after wiping off the boundaries set by Prasanth.

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